Check in at the DSAOC Booth to be entered into our giveaways drawing, with prizes being awarded throughout the night!

2016 booth

Take your honored guest on the red carpet experience! Get your family or group photo taken at our new sign to commemorate the event!


Swing by the Event Center to hear the tunes being spun by our very own DJ Willpower!

DJ Willpower

Rub shoulders and get some selfies with the beloved cast of “Born This Way“.

Seanese Born This Way

Need to get some shopping done?  Pacific City has many merchants to visit, but if you’re looking for something special, consider checking out what Seanese or Megology has to offer at their Pop-Up Shops next to the DSAOC Booth.

Hungry?  Pacific City has many mouth watering options to choose from.  Just be sure to be back in time for our group photo.

Huddle together in the Event Center for our 2018 DSAOC Group Photo!


Head on up to the Movie Screen on Deck Two to catch a glimpse of your very own honored guest displayed on the Big Screen!

Be sure to get your picture submissions in now! Please email your photos to It would help us out if your photos could be in landscape format (1920×1080), at least 300 dpi, and in jpg, png, gif, or bmp format.

Call for Photos